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Relief Distribution

Families of Today For Tomorrow as conduit, collects and distributes donated items among needy schools, pupils and the impoverished communities in society stating from Ghana. The need out there is overwhelming: but together we can bring hope and build a better future to the helpless in our society. The children today are the leaders tomorrow. What we do today would tell what tomorrow would be! We believe every child deserves to have the basics of life, such as education, clothing, and shoes and like everyone else, a genuine smile of happiness. Your contribution would make a big difference!

Over the past five years, FOTFT has collected and distributed thousands of school supplies, textbooks, school bags to thirty-five schools and thousands of pupils in needy communities in Ghana. Three schools and two community library has also benefited from our computer distribution. Hundreds of children that walk to school bear footed are now wearing shoes and the needy families has been given clothing. 

The Organization has over the period of six (6) years has visited over 45 needy schools in villages, the rural areas, towns and cities in Ghana, and has distributed over six thousand 6,000) school bags, tens of thousands of exercise books, pens, pencils and other educational materials to needy pupils. It has equipped some schools and community libraries with computers and textbooks; it has also clothed and put shoes on hundreds of needy children.

Families Of Today For Tomorrow is a Non-profit organization and therefore depends on public donations and support. We invite you to partner with us by your in-kind donations and charitable contributions.

All contributions are tax deductible.

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